Our big boy Berani the Malayan Tapir turned 21 on the weekend, read about it here!

On Saturday we celebrated Berani the Malayan Tapir's 21st Birthday along with World Tapir Day to help raise awareness of these endangered species. Here is Berani with his cake!

Along with the fun day we had sausage sizzle, face painting and a guessing competition to guess Berani's weight. Overall we raised $1,021.65 for Berani and Malayan Tapirs alike and this money will go to the World Tapir Foundation helping create awareness and a love for these guys who are often overlooked.

did you make a guess on Berani's weight?
Berani weighed 338Kg and our closest answer was 335Kg, our Winner has been notified and has won an exclusive VIP encounter with Berani to learn more about him.

With our encounters here at Hunter Valley Zoo you get one on one time with the Keepers themselves to learn about these wonderful animals. Berani is a Malayan Tapir and this species is endangered in the wild due to habitat loss, Berani is also one of four Malayan Tapirs left in Australia and is the only Male and the only one you can meet up close like this.

We cannot just release Berani into the wild nor can he have any more babies as some of you may know he is blind. He needs round the clock care to make sure he gets his eye drops to sooth his eyes and all the food, treats and love he needs to live out his life now he is an old buddy at 21! did we mention he loves food! This is why he got moved to the Hunter Valley to retire and this is part of why we do encounters with him so that people can learn all about him and why he is so special.

If you would like more information on encounters and how you can have this exclusive encounter with Berani contact us on (02) 49907714 or read more Encounter With Berani