Hunter Valley Zoo welcomes its newest arrivals a pair of Serval.



(Leptailurus serval)

They shy duo made there move all the way from Melbourne to Hunter Valley Zoo and will be meeting each other for the first time in the coming weeks. They are our newest addition to Hunter Valley Zoo's "African Section". With hopes to breed in the future, Nia and Amiri will be exploring their new home and meeting their neighbors.. lets just say the Meerkats will be VERY curious about who is moving in net door.

Fun Facts about Serval:

  • A Serval can leap 3 meters VERTICALLY in the air!
  • The extra large ears of the Serval give it very sensitive hearing when hunting and are the largest ears of any cat in relation to their body size
  • A Serval's hind legs are longer than its front legs
  • Each Serval has individual markings just like our fingerprints